Tips for boiling eggs

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There are several smart ideas, which you can apply to the simple procedure of boiling eggs.

  1. Determine whether eggs are fresh. Put eggs in a pan with water. An egg is fresh if it sinks. An egg is old if it floats. Fresh eggs contain a little air cell. As eggs get older, the air cell gets larger. Therefore the eggs float.
  2. If you decide to boil eggs, which are old (i.e. they float), make a little hole on the large end of the egg so that the heated up air can escape while boiling. This should prevent the egg shell from cracking during boiling.
  3. Heat up the water with eggs so that it boils. Then switch off the heat. Wait the usual amount of time to boil your eggs as you wish (e.g. 5 minutes for hard-boiled eggs). Then cool them down and peel. The eggs will be done as if they were in boiling water the whole time. The rationale is that the temperature of 65°C (150°F) is sufficient to hard boil eggs. If you stop boiling the water, the temperature drops to 90°C (195°F) after 5 minutes, which still high enough to hard boil the egg. You can save a bit on your gas or electricity bills by doing this.
  4. If the egg shell cracks while cooking and the egg white starts leaking out, add one table spoon of vinegar. Vinegar speeds up clotting of the egg white.


Egg Perfect

Egg Perfect is another useful gismo that makes cooking eggs easy. You put it in water together with eggs. Egg Perfect is made of plastic that reacts to heat in the same way as an egg does. It displays the cooking stages by darkening as the egg gets harder. You get the idea from these pictures.

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